Thursday, February 12, 2009


Break out the vodka and tarragon pickles, my friends. Courtesy of our friends Rizzah and Anonymous K, the eighth chapter of from Dance! Kremlin Palace! by Shintaro Kago has arrived over at Wanted: Cheap Manga.

This chapter brings us closer to the end of the Dance! Kremlin Palace. We start the chapter at Soviet Land, a theme park extolling all thing communist and segue to Kago's first real attempt to tie the book back to the Japanese Communist Party. Not sure that it matters to even mention when reading a satire like this, but the folks of the Japanese Communist Party are close to my heart... I had a high ranking city council member and local communist party leader as a host dad (true story). I am down with Kago's skewering of the retarded, American-backed "Chrysanthemum & Sword" militia (best/worst name ever!) at the end of this chapter.

As Rizzah describes Chapter Eight,
Well worth the wait, we bring you chapter 8 of the endlessly unpredictable DANCE KREMLIN PALACE!!!!!! I, for one, have been starving for some good Kago insanity, and this new chapter does not dissapoint. Power Ranger clones, Cheburashka, and man-rape all gush from Kago’s overwhelmingly demented mind.

Click to download Chapter 8 from Wanted: Cheap Manga!


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Azraelito said...

It is not my favorite chapter but I have to admit that is one of the most bizarres with that kind of power rangers and how the do a bit of grim and gritty to the myth of the ninjas!!

But as always reading and having scans of Shintaro Kago is good news!!

saludos and have a good weekend!!

ps: did anyone read Super-Conductive Brains Parataxis?? is really his masterpiece??