Friday, February 27, 2009


Oh shit, you guys. It happened, finally. This week, Shintaro Kago launched his own YouTube channel! So far, he has posted 3 of the short movies that he's shown at recent gallery events and are available on his DVDs (scroll down the page). The first two shorts are animated (very wacky a la 4chan gif madness) and the last one is a live-action clip.

Definitely go rate these videos and leave comment if you enjoy them!

恐怖のオリンピック競技/Terror of olympic game - animated

恐怖のゴルフ場/Terror of golf course - animated

穴/Hole - live action

(Context for "Hole" joke here)


adam said...

Those videos are somewhat disappointing. granted that this is kago's first foray into video, the animation looks pretty cheep. even the content itself wasn't the super fucked up situations that I love about kago's comics. I'm keeping my finger's crossed for higher quality next time.

Anonymous said...

I liked both the first one and the last (lol at the FF music in the end!!). IMO the cheap animation makes the videos even funnier.
Kago rules :D

Anonymous said...

year, I'm a bit dissapointed as well
but the soudeffects are awesome.

jimpac said...

I liked them and thought the intentionally(?) bad animation made them more amusing. Also, the sound effects are piss-funny.

Sick said...

I liked them, but found them more funny than disturbing or terrifying, which is what I would expect from Kago.

Anyway, the third video is awesome, the first one made me laugh, and the second gave me a WTF face, which makes it more Kago-ish.

Just wow, Kago keeps on surprising me.

Anonymous said...

They reminded me of Terry Gilliam's animations

Ryan S said...

@Adam: I was not into the golf one, but dug the olympics and live-action one. I think if you were expecting like, Tekkon Kinkreet here, then it's disappointing for sure. It's much more like 4chan or homebrewed gaming/videos than that... i'm sure Kago made these himself on his Mac, probably. In that sense, I like them a lot. I hear there is a longer one on the DVD about disappearances that is quite excellent.

@Okada: I liked the FF Fanfare too :)

@anon: Very homemade but Kago sensibilities shine through!

@jimpac: Yeah, it's akin to /gif/ humor but with Kago at the wheel. I like that he took the time to learn to animate and make this for the hell of it.

@Sick: It's good to have an excuse to highlight his sense of humor, which is more prevalent to me than his "sick" or "depraved" side.. I mean, a lot of his stuff is a bit too much to handle (why so much rape, kagosteen?), but stuff like this toys, these videos and other projects show that he's as much into gag humor as formal experimentation (or poop and gore).

@james: totally!

ejiki said...

Damm!!!!! This is great!