Sunday, February 08, 2009


Some supremely awesome news came out of the Viz panel at New York Comic Con this morning. Viz announced today that they'll be releasing Taiyo Matsumoto's thick and intricate tome, GOGO MONSTER later this year!

It will be an all-in-one edition, retail for $24.95 and come out in November 2009. I posted earlier this year about the nice edition of the Japanese release I found at the San Diego Book-Off, and took lots of pics of that book:

I wonder how closely it will match that edition? It would be incredible if it was the same hardcover with red margins and slipcover.

Some other notable manga announced by Viz at NYCC:
+ What a Wonderful World by Inio Asano (Solanin) - October 2009

+ Not Simple by Natsume Ono (ikki site - January 2010

Thanks for the announcement blasts via Ed, Brigid, and Eoin!


zytroop said...


(and I wish they did Nijigahara Holograph instead of What a Wonderful World, I've heard way more positive things about that one)

Anonymous said...

Major props to Viz, What a Wonderful World is freaking great.

Azraelito said...

Nijigahara Holograph in spain was published by ponent mon perhaps in united states in 2010 Viz who maybe has the rights publish it!!

It is an incredible book of asano!!

Incredible news, Love matsumoto and I am starting to love asano!!

Gogo seems incredible, the artwork and the cover!

the last one I dont know who is, but the cover seems intereting perhaps I give him a chance!!

but I am still waiting what has last gasp to deliver us!!

In conclusion without doubt one of the best years of things to be published in Usa!!

Anonymous said...

gogo monster...its about time!! can't wait

travis john said...

this is a sweet blog.
keep up the good work!
the suehiro maruo
tattoos in old posts are great!
i havent seen any before and was planning to get one this year.
if all goes according to plan il send

Ryan S said...

@zytroop: yeaah boyyyyyy. I'm curious about both Inio books.. I wonder if he's turned into a "brand" artist that folks will go after, following the success(?) of Solanin.

@ThatQuebecGuy: It pays to be a subsidiary of Shogakukan/Shueisha sometimes... Major props go to Viz editorial head Alvin Lu :)

@Azraelito: I'm sure Viz has the rights. They are lucky in that they don't have to compete for these licenses, they just have to decide which ones they want :)
No official Last Gasp news just yet, my friend. I will let you guys know first when we can.

Ryan S said...

@gea: oh yessss... now, when are they gonna publish Ping Pong?

@tofu: Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I'd love to see and post any tattoo pics once you get yours :)

JE said...

Wow. After having read Solanin as well, those announcements are indeed awesome news. Viz just seems to have its shit together.

Ryan S said...

@JE: Yes, definitely. They are (and have always been) the best situated to weather a rough US economy.

Anonymous said...

Damn man, this is some awesome news indeed. Is it just me or has Viz been changing for the better over the past year or so? They've been licensing more seinen series and even fully bring over Umezz series that are over 20 to 30 years old (You know all the other publishers would have droped them for sure, not to name any names though *cough*Dark Horse*cough*) and seem to be bettering the print quality of they're series as well (higher quality paper and colour pages). I can say that i have alot more respect for Viz now (not that i was one of those Viz bashers or anything) and am really looking more and more forword to what they have instore for us. I wonder when we will some some more Junji Ito from them, like maybe Hellstar Remina? :)

Anonymous said...

omggggggg, i've been dreaming of this, i mean, just this picture, wow:

i really can't wait, thanks for the news!!

Anonymous said...

i've read wonderful world in german almost a year ago and was disappointed, to much over-pretentious depri-teen stuff without depth. there's some potential, but this guy clearly needed more time and experience.... is solanin any better? i didn't have the motivation to read it yet...

Anonymous said...

my wife bought the japanese edition - definitely looks the best taiyo matsumoto book next to tekkon kinkreet

but november 2009? - how can i wait that long? : (

and this is the same viz that ditched publishing no.6 isn't it...?

Ryan S said...

@Arngrim: Yeah, more of my favorite manga have been coming out from Viz as opposed to say, Dark Horse or Tokyopop, in the last year or so. I think with the higher production books they are responding to the maturation of the readers and the successes (critically if not always financially) of the Vertical way of doing things. I said this before, but a buddy at Viz joked that they were "Out-Verticaling Vertical" with the production and release of those giant Cat Eyed Boy books. They have a storehouse of amazing stuff, plus circumstances are good (in the case of Urasawa, I read he didn't want them to release Pluto or 20th Century Boyz until Monster was done, etc) for them to do cool stuff, despite the economic meltdown.

@m: Should be a great book... and holiday gift at the end of 2009.

@anonymous: It sounds like you're referring to What a Wonderful World by Inio. I have heard that he can be really angsty, and believe it after reading Solanin. I actually thought Solanin was pretty interesting, well-paced, etc. It was a bit of the depri-teen stuff (well, depri-20s) and had its shoegazing moments, but there was enough there with the characters to enjoy, definitely.

@Trevor: Hey, nice to have you here as always. yes, it is the same Viz... shocking, huh? With books like this, it reminds me of the same viz that used to publish PULP in the late 90s, early 2000s, and also Furuya and others. It's time for "How Viz Got Their Groove Back?"

Also, did you go to the Kago signing at TacoCHE and/or pick up his newest book? I'm curious to hear about it!