Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Earlier today, reader Bradley posted this comment about Shintaro Kago:
I was wondering if anyone knew what Kago collection [Abstraction] was from? I went to TacoChe recently and just grabbed most of the Kago stuff they had, but alas none of them featured his formalist stuff.
I actually don't know which exact books/publications that story (and each of his other formalist experiments) came from. We're talking Multiplication, Blow-Up, Labyrinth and Drunkard Condo Syndrome. Does anyone else know?


Anonymous said...

wheres anonymous k didnt he translate them?

i wanna know toooo

Ryan S said...

@daphnaknee: I know where he translated them from, and it's from a very round-about way that' not quite satisfying. I wanna know the OG book sources (ISBNs PLZ)

If all else fails, I will just email Kago directly, oh godjavascript:void(0)

Dario said...

i looked for this information too and found absolutely nothing.

tree said...

I happen to have every kago-book (except for the ones published later 2008/2009) as RAWs on my computer (if anyone cares to for the rapidshit-links of those, i could post them...)

multiplication/abstraction/Blow-Up---->Kasutoru Shiki(かすとろ式)

labyrinth---->Bride in Front of the Station (Ekimae Hanayome )

Drunkard Condo Syndrome---->the big funural (dai sogi 2002)

just for your info: i got some kago books shipped to germany from this site. you maybe want to take a look: http://benippon.com/en/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=shintaro+kago&p=1

Ryan S said...

@Tree: Nice work, dude! Your detective work is very much appreciated. I have a couple more specific questions, think you could email me? samehatATgmailDOTcom