Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Many thanks to the Tokyo Scum Brigade for posting this gem of a video clip. Here we have a clip from a travel special in 1994 where Kazuo Umezu goes to Rome and meets SFX artist Sergio Stivaletti, and gets a guided tour of the horror shop/museum Profondo Ross by its owner, director Dario Argento!

For more details and a link to the complete TV show, please check out their recent post.

What a strange but perfect team-up, huh? I never really realized how much Argento looks like a child murdering undertaker... pretty awesome! Also, Umezz's coat is something to behold. Thanks to the TSB for uploading it!


Joseph Luster said...

Man, it's my two favorite worlds colliding in the best way possible.

Ryan S said...

I know, right? It's sorta a toss-up over which would make me geek out harder.

No wait, it would be Umezu :)

On Tokyo Scum, the guys were talking about the idea of Argento directing an adaptation of Baptism. Can you imagine?

Brendan said...

That was a sweet video :). Shame the other parts are unsubbed.

Argento looks kinda like Poe imo?

mxxbock said...

i love how umezu contrast with argento
umezu is still a kid,a happy kid and argento is this dark guy who has horror writed all over his face

thanks same hat for this video

and thanks for the postcard!!!

Ryan S said...

@Brendan: Yeah, I agree! I was expecting a different-looking guy for some reason. I guess you can kinda see his daughter Asia in his eyes? A little bit?

@mxxbock: Totally. Argento seems really strange, but in a way that i totally expected; whereas, Umezu is such a funny and joyful guy. The contrast is awesome, especially in that they both seem to really like each other :)