Wednesday, April 13, 2005

welcome back kazuko!

Another Yoshida Sensha strip, one of our favorites. Simple, but I really LOVE that last panel!!

as usual, please read from right-to-left.


Anonymous said...

wtf, that comic is on Aids

Anonymous said...

sorry i haven't commented earlier, but the site is amazing and i'm really impressed and pleased at how often you guys update! i was sad to miss ape this year but it sounds like the usual affair. derek and i will have to wait until san diego to give johnny ryan our 'dis comic' ... oh yeah, and i can't wait to get a hold of my copy of your zine.


Ryan said...

derek: hey dude! just sent you my indie-gamer verdicts. also, you should have gotten the zine in the mail! enjoy enjoy!

otr!: hey man, thanks for the kind words. this blog and it's sick sensibilities were built for people like yous. i put a copy of the zine in the mail-- make derek give it to you once it arrives (should come today or tomorrow). evan and i are working on some really slick longer comics (thus the delay in posts this week)-- stuff you'd really dig, like junji ito stuff about headless girls and a maruo one about child murder. wheeee! ps. johnny ryan grew a beard. it is fucking grimy, but suits him nicely.