Monday, April 02, 2007

Comixpedia interview with... US!?

I know, I know... TWO POSTS in one night? But, in the spirit of making old readers happy, and keeping the new readers (HI NEW READERS :B) enticed enough to come back often, we're working on upping the posting frequency.

Pardon our shamelessness for making this one about ourselves. For anyone that wants to know more about why we started this site and all that jazz, Evan & I were recently interviewed by manga blogging queen Brigid Alverson (of MangaBlog and Digitial Strips fame). The interview, covering topics like Japanese horror, the ethics of scanlation and our original webcomics, was for Brigid's monthy manga column at Comixpedia, called Brigid's Bento Box.

So, head over to Comixpedia and check out the interview, and then come back here to let me know if you think we sounded like idiots or bored you to tears.. or maybe um, inspired you to start your own scanlation blog?

A rare sighting of the elusive editors!

Okay, so now that you've read the interview (you clicked the link, right?) you know that we're working on an original webcomic horror thingy called Stillborn, and the new Sensha story should to be posted very soon. SO, the important question for you guys is: What should we scanlate next? We're considering more Yoshida Sensha 4-panel gag strips (in color), comics by Heartbroken Angels' Kikuni, etc...But, what would YOU like to see? Let us know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

That was a cool little interview. And i would really love to see you guys work on something from Kazuo Umezu. That would be really awesome :).

Anonymous said...

Does that make you celebrities ?!
I have no idea what I'd like to see, but hilarious AND disgusting is a good start....

Ta ra.


Ryan said...

anonymous: thanks for reading the article :) Putting a post right now that should be a treat for Umezz fans!

adam: Thanks for checking it out, dude. I think we're leaning toward a few sex gags before heading back into horror territory-- we promise not to disappoint!