Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tatsumi mini-clips on our YouTube channel

As some of you might remember, Evan attended San Diego Comic Con in 2006, and was able to attend a panel/interview with Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Adrian Tomine. We originally blogged about this last July.

Now that we've got our own YouTube channel, we're working on putting up old clips that might be of interest to you guys (and tagging our own favorites). So, we're happy to share two SUPER short clips of Tatsumi speaking. These clips might be best enjoyed by people with really short attention spans, superb hearing and fluency in Japanese (yeah, sorry they suck):

Tatsumi speaks, and his interpretor tries to keep up

Tastumi talks more (with a quick flash of Tomine)

We'll work to record any crazy events and happenings that we think might be worth blogging about, and you can add us as a favorite by clicking here.

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