Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Portrait of the horror manga artist as a young man: Umezu Edition!

Short post today, but this one aims to put a huge grin on the face of every Umezu fan out there.

In a recent post on his website, Kazuo Umezu put up a link to his online photo gallery, hosted by Google's Picasa Web Albums! Who woulda guessed that Umezz was hip to social photo-sharing sites?

His photo albums hold about 180 pictures , including candid shots from talks and signings, and even some images of Umezu as a young boy!

On top of that, an entire album (36 pics) is full of one similar headshot pose, but each with a different, wacky face. Oh, and if you didn't already know it, this set should quickly make it clear to you what Umezu's 'signature outfit' consists of...

How can you not love Umezz?? I'd kill for the chance to get to meet him someday... but in the meantime I'll continue to dream that he is my effeminate, ridiculous great-uncle!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That New Wave Umezz shot is so rad! o_O

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I love Kazz!

Wish he could come to the US sometime though -_- Does he know he has a lot of fans outside of Japan?

Ryan said...

Despite his awesomeness, I don't know his current relationship with the US market :) I did hear from my buddy ( a former Viz editor) that Umezz used to have a house/apartment in SF and that he was over here pretty often.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to interview him someday. What a dream come true.

What I WISH i had photo evidence of was meating Hideshi Hino. I actually got to shake his hand at Comic-Con 2004, but I didn't have a fucking camera at the time! I also met Junko Mizuno that say day.

DANG, right?
- Ryan