Friday, April 13, 2007


Yep, the scanlations are currently down. SHIT!

There is good and bad news here... and then some more good news.

Good News #1 is that we've had a huge spike in daily traffic, which means more of you weirdos are reading our scanlations and content (yay).

Bad News #1 is that the site hosting all our original stuff already smashed the normal monthly quota within the first ten days of April and we need to pay to upgrade bandwidth (boo).

Good News #2 is that we're going to do this over the weekend, and the scanlations should be back online by Monday! (yay x2)

thanks for your patience, and check back again soon!

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Still working on it... :( They are being a pain in the ass, but within the next 1-2 days we'll have things all fixed up!