Friday, May 30, 2008


Another quick Tokyo Zombie update for today. I just visited my local shop, and saw that Tokyo Zombie is in the June 2008 issue of Previews! Previews is the monthly catalog of upcoming titles (generally listing them about 2-3 months before release), put out by the biggest direct market distributor in the US, Diamond. Previews is the way that a lot of comic shops order new books, and a way for you to specifically request that your shop carries Tokyo Zombie.

Here are some details from Previews, on page 329 in the Last Gasp section of the catalog.

JUN08 4100 TOKYO ZOMBIE SC (MR) (C: 0-1-2) SRP: $9.95

The release date is pegged at September 2008, and Last Gasp will have some advance copies at San Diego Comic-Con to show off at their booth. Here are details on getting a copy:

For readers:
Tokyo Zombie will be available through your local bookstore of comic shop, and you can ask that they order some copies via their distributor to ensure you get yours! Naturally, it will also be available online via Last Gasp, Powell's, Amazon, and other book retailers.

For bookstores or comic shop owners:
Tokyo Zombie can be pre-ordered from Last Gasp, or through Diamond and other book distributors and wholesalers.

For folks overseas:
Tokyo Zombie will be available at many stores worldwide or can be ordered through Last Gasp. Overseas store owners should contact Last Gasp for more information.


Sick said...

I would really love to buy it. I hope the shipping costs are not too high =3

Ryan S said...

I hope you can check it out too :) How do you usually get your manga fix? If you let me know where in the world you are I can look into shipping costs via Last Gasp!

Sick said...

I'm in Spain, don't you remember me? ;3

I hope it's not too expensive, I'd really like to buy it =)

Ryan S said...

@sick: Oh right! I do remember. If they don't carry it in your local shop, we can figure something out. I'm guessing it's probably like 15 bucks (I think that's like 4 euros, right?) extra to ship to Spain via Amazon.

If all else fails, we can work something out directly and I can mail a copy to you by freight or something :)

Sick said...

I will go ask to my shop probably tomorrow, they may bring it from there.

bittermelon said...

making it into previews = pretty nice feat. good job! and i know tokyo zombie is of the better quality stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

@ryan: I think you're overestimating the Euro, I'd be inclined to believe that 15 bucks is closer to 9 or 10 € than 4.

Looking forward for the book, by the way.

Ryan S said...

@bittermelon: Thanks, d00d!

@thatquebecguy: you're right, chalk it up to hyperbole. But dude, the exchange rate right now (against the euro or yen) is insane. Even against the canadian dollar!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the exchange rate is laughable. Sucks for me because I import from France and Japan often. Damn economy.

Again, congratulations. I'm so conflicted now, though. I can't wait until this comes out, but its release date also means that I have to go back to school.

Anonymous said...

Congats! We are expecting Previews on Saturday (here in Greece). This is in my "must order" list.

Keep it up!

Ryan S said...

@rosenred: Thanks for the support! It's great to hear that folks from all over are getting interested in this book.