Thursday, May 29, 2008


With this post, I wanted to take a minute to share the latest details on Tokyo Zombie. I'm happy to report that all the proofing and edits are completely finalized, and the book is at the printers as we speak. YES! Since all of the production is now complete, I wanted to give a few behind-the-scenes details on the final steps before a bunch of files and images become a real book.

I've talked with the publisher, and they're cool with me sharing some photos with all ya'll. As the last step of proofing, we received a dummy copy of the book and digital proofs. A dummy copy means it's a full facsimile of what the book will look like- the actual cover stock, laminate, page count, size and weight. The only catch is that the inside pages are... ENTIRELY BLANK! The digital proofs are just what you'd guess- digital printouts of exactly what the inside pages will look like, for final copy edits and formatting issues.

I've been treating these proofs pretty reverently, and it's a real trip to see the work we did adapting Yusaku Hanakuma's radical manga now in physical form. This is also why I got red-faced and started swearing at my GF when she SAT ON THE DIGITAL PROOFS. TWICE. (I know you were coming over to the couch to sit and read What It Is, honey, but that's no excuse!). Even after all the rounds of edits and proofing before this stage, we still had a few spacing tweaks, moved a sound effect away from the edge of the page, and a couple other minor edits; As an editor/translator (and for Evan, in charge of production) it was really hard to finally commit to everything and say, That it's, it's FINISHED!

Evan's full book jacket design with author details on the back flap. The two blurbs on the back cover are from Johnny Ryan and Eric Nakamura :)

The book spine! That's 164 manga pages of zombie hilarity!

Yusaku Hanakuma designed and sent along a brand-new Last Gasp logo specifically for his inaugural English release! The first person to get this as a tattoo wins my lifetime admiration.

The stack of digital proofs, which are lower resolution than the final book pages but get the job done for catching typos.

You saw it first, the Tokyo Zombie table of contents! (OOOH)

You saw it first, a bald dude smacking a zombie's head off! (AHHH)

Let me know what you think so far! I'll post details tomorrow morning about Tokyo Zombie in this month's issue of Previews(!) and how to order a copy for yourself. You are ordering a copy, right? :B


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome, I can't wait. I didn't know about dummy copies, but that would make for a pretty funny prank if you didn't like a certain reviewer.

That logo is great, too. I don't know about getting a tattoo of it, but if I were to ever get one, it would be a candidate.

Great work, and I can't wait until September. Unless you release it earlier, or start selling the digital proofs on the black market.

Anonymous said...

Loving the cover! The tattoo would be really tempting if I wasn't about to start working in Japan, where even a silly one like that frightens children, old people and dogs.

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing, you have no idea how thrilled I am that this is finally coming out. I picked up every shred of Hanakuma manga I could from PIctureBox (even untranslated it's still mindblowing) and the Poketo wallets are on their way. But "Tokyo Zombie" is the gem in the crown. I'm buying 2!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, the cover's nice, but I wish Evan and you would've gotten all painted up and posed in Jujitsu holds. You know, just to keep the same flavor of the original cover... Maybe next time, right?

Cal said...

I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on this!!

Ryan S said...

@kouros: Thanks for the support. I think that we're gonna use the dummy copy as a sketchbook/con signature book for random people we meet while promoting the book. September is the date for getting a copy, unless you come to San Diego and talk Last Gasp out of a copy at the booth :)

@hellen: you digging this book is very important to us. I hope you l-l-love it!

@johnny: Thanks Johnny! Well if not a tattoo, maybe we can get Hanakuma and Last Gasp to print up some t-shirts this summer :)

@matt kish: Thanks for your comment- it really means a lot to hear that folks are getting behind the book. I share your newly minted devotion to Hanakuma and can't wait for you to check out his first book in English.

@rizzah: We are saving the painted white boy nerds cover for a limited edition aschan edition, haha.

@cal: I can't wait to get my grubby hands on you! err. i mean, I can't wait for you to check TZ out too!

Anonymous said...

Yo dude, it's not like those were the only proofs in existence, riiiight?

I am sorry for laughing hysterically the second time I sat on them proofs.

Ryan S said...

@HONEY: You enjoy being a butthead, don't you? Just cuz you get thanked on the credits page doesn't mean you get to sit on everything. I am gonna sit right on your copy before hand delivering it to you.

bittermelon said...

/drawn out sexist construction worker whistling/

she's a BEAUT! can't wait to get my devouring paws on a copy.