Friday, September 12, 2008


Thanks for all the great entries so far! Less than four hours left to post your submission-- I'll be deciding the two (three?) winners tonight and posting in the morning.

Meanwhile, here are three new exciting pieces of Tokyo Zombie news to report:

+ Tokyo Zombie feature column on io9! Over at Gawker's Science Fiction blog, io9, columnist Lisa Katayama (of TOKYOMANGO fame) has written a great introduction to both our book and the Sakichi Sato film. For the article, Lisa interviewed me earlier this week about the manga.

Take a look at the article here, and feel free to comment about how badass the manga is :)

+ Tokyo Zombie review in the new issue of Giant Robot! In the latest issue (#55), Eric Nakamura wrote a great little summary and plug for the book :)

+ Fujio fan art by Mickey! Fan art superstar Mickey Zacchilli enjoyed Tokyo Zombie and decided to treat us with an original illustration. I, for one, am totally flattered and impressed. Hope you enjoy it too:


Anonymous said...

this comic looks amazing. i have to get my hands on a copy or else!!!

Ryan S said...

Glad to hear it! Copies should be available via comic shops, Amazon or direct from Last Gasp.



Anonymous said...

so i finally purchased this yesterday. it was incredibly entertaining. you guys are princes for translating this.

hanakuma is a new favourite of mine.

Ryan S said...

@jake: YES! I'm really glad that you got the book and enjoyed it... Here's to more Hanakuma in the future hopefully!