Thursday, October 16, 2008


After a few rounds of proofs and edits and tweaks, the printer officially has begun printing up ELECTRIC ANT #1 as of this afternoon.

Hopefully without annoying everyone with countless posts, I thought I would highlight a feature a week from the first issue, leading up until Alternative Press Expo (11/1 & 11/2). I'll be debuting the zine at The Bang Gang's table and launching an easy way to buy it direct via that weekend. The first feature I want to talk about (and the first one that came together) is...


My favorite cartoonists take us on a tour of the darkest lords that ever lived!

[Page 25: IHODL Title Page, illustration by Evan]

IHODL is an illustration feature, with 17 pages of raw, wicked, and retarded villains of yore. I think once you witness the list of Dark Lords you can grasp the theme; once you witness the list of contributors you will grasp the awesomeness. The Hall features...

KRULOS (dino-riders) by Anthony Wu
MUMM-RA (thundercats) by Derek Yu
FAT CAT (chip & dale rescue rangers) by Alice Kim
MOJO JOJO (powerpuff girls) by Michael DeForge
GARGAMEL & AZRAEL (the smurfs) by Calving Wong
M. BISON (street fighter: animated series) by Mimo
SHREDDER (teenage mutant ninja turtles) by Jenn Yin
KRANG (teenage mutant ninja turtles) by Hellen Jo
ROCKSTEADY & BEBOP (teenage mutant ninja turtles) by MC Lars
DOC TERROR (the centurions) by Root Studio
LORD ZEDD (mighty morphin power rangers) by Matt Lock
RITA REPULSA (mighty morphin power rangers) by Gea
COBRA (g.i. joe) by Evan Hayden
BLOTH (pirates of dark water) by Ryan Sands
SKELETOR (masters of the universe) by Derek Kirk Kim
HORDAK (masters of the universe) by David Murray
PHYLLIS ‘PIZZAZZ’ GABOR (jem) by Michaela Colette

A few quick previews to whet your appetite(s):



See any cartoonists or DARK LORDS that you're particularly into? Or have a favorite DARK LORD that I should have included in the feature? Let me know in the comments!!


adam said...

Dr. Claw (inspector gadget)

Ryan S said...

@adam: Good call! Would you want your Claw in full-frontal depiction or with the familiar behind-the-desk-chair-holding-cat pose?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, well I could name a few of my old favourites (besides the ones already named). Feel free to ignore 'em if you like.

-D´compose from ´inhumanoids´. That guy scared me shitless when I was a kid (made fanart of it myself, tell me if you want to se the link)
-Megabyte from ´Reboot´
-Sawboss from 'jayce and the weeled warriors'
-Venger from 'Dungeons and Dragons' (that guy was awsome!)

Ryan S said...

@wendy: Wow! This is a great list of some pretty Dark Lords :)

I actually don't remember seeing Inhumanoids, but I just looked up D'Compose and he's really gross and cool. Can I see the fan art? :)

Megabyte! I used to watch Reboot early early on a Canadian fox channel before getting a ride to school.

Sawboss is also really, really gross. The zine is printing now, but once I launch the proper site, perhaps an online gallery of reader-submitted DLs would be fun.

The one that was on my short list that didn't get snagged by anyone was ZARKON from Voltron. The other one I would have loved to see was Pinky & The Brain :)

by Michael DeForge said...


hexadecimal from reboot would have a lot of potential

Ryan S said...

@Michael: ooooh, good call!
She would work well for this feature, but also for hentai (oh god).

I can't wait for people to see your Mojo Jojo-- it's one of my favorites out of the whole bunch.

I'll have something (like a banner badge or something) for contributors to post and send their readers over to buy the book. Will email you more details soon!


I should post all the lord suggestions here at the end on the blog with screenshots.

bittermelon said...

i like the sneak peek format. get us salivating for more.