Friday, October 24, 2008


If it wasn't already painfully apparent, I'm getting increasingly anxious to get the zine back from the printer.

As I wait for next week (hurry up, hurry up), I've been busying myself with other preparations for debuting ELECTRIC ANT #1 on 11/1/08 (at our table at APE and online). Just yesterday, I got this set of MOO promo cards in the mail. I'll be giving these out at APE and to contributors that wanna to help with the outreach efforts. Each of these cards features an illustration, design or comic from the zine. Hope interested readers enjoy this micro-preview...

My cat lamp watches over the MOO card set...

Zooming in, you can see the cards are resting on the printer's proofs for the zine!

Name a card or image that piques your curiosity in the comments, and I can post the details on who made it and where it fits in to the first issue!

Spread the word and tell yr friends next week!

Also, next Monday I'll post another long preview of a feature in the zine. This time: some excerpts from a 16 page interview with manga guru, Frederik Schodt!


Brendan said...

Who did the knife/tongue one, and the Krang + Shredder pics? So cool :)

Can't wait to check it out!

Ryan S said...

Hey dude!

The knife/tongue one is a photo taken by Nate Shockey and is from a 6-page photo-feature about the department of hells at the Dongyue temple in Beijing

The other two are from the Illustrated Hall of Dark Lord feature; Krang is by Hellen Jo and Shredder is by Jenn Yin.

Will be on sale on 11/1/08!!!