Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Just saw these yesterday on Mr. Butcher's always informative comics212. Here are the retro-stylish covers for the first two English editions of 20th Century Boys (shout out to my buddy Kit who is editing this great series). Viz will begin serializing Naoki Urasawa's epic 20th Century Boys on February 17, 2009-- and also launching his Pluto series that same day. Begin preparing your wallets now...

Volume 1: 2/17/09

Volume 2: 4/21/09

PS: Happy wedding anniversary, Chris!


Anonymous said...

Amazing all the work of urasawa!!Incredible artwork and 20 century boys is his new gem after monster which is such an awesom work!!

I didnt read the novel??anyone??does anyone knows if viz will publish it?¿?¿?

I hope they also can publish this time correctly pineapple army an underrated manga by kazuya kudo and urasawa!!


Anonymous said...

I like the cover design, way better that the japanese and german ones i own.

Everyone should buy/read 20th century boys as it's already a classic!