Sunday, November 09, 2008


Quick update for the Electric Ant site!

For folks that prefer it, I've now added the option to buy Electric Ant #1 using Paypal! This is in addition to Google Checkout, and both payment systems support a variety of shipping options. This week, I sent copies out in the US and to Canada, New Zealand, France, Finland, Netherlands, UK, Japan and Australia!

If you have any questions about buying multiple copies or sending money directly, please just shoot me an email: electricantzine AT gmail DOT com. Things are going well so far- if you happen to dig the site and post on a forum or have a blog, a shout-out and link to would be very appreciated!!

This weekend, I'm working on getting copies out to zine and comic shops. Copies should be available at the following stores in the near future:
Giant Robot shops in CA
Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago
The Beguiling in Toronto

...and hopefully more will be added to the list this month!



Anonymous said...

awesome! the beguiling has everything!

Kouros Falati said...

Thanks for adding paypal; now I don't have to register for google checkout. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Ryan S said...

@jakub: yeah! i have never been there but the manager Chris is an incredible well-read and sweet guy-- it seems like the "Comic Relief" (of berkeley fame) of Canada!

Ryan S said...

@kouros: Thanks! I see your purchase :) I'll get that in the mail to you tomorrow on my lunch break!

bittermelon said...

you can also purchase copies from between ________'s legs.

RCM said...

hey Ryan, can you post when the zines get to Giant Robot in LA? I'd love to buy it in the store, I feel like it will be cooler than buying it online and I live really close to the Sunset store.

Ryan S said...

@renee: I heard from gr that they have some copies at the main store on Sawtelle but prolly won't have them at the GR-Silverlake by you for a little while. Your call!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask: based on the name of your zine- are you Phillip K. Dick fans?

Ryan S said...

@anonymous: oh, indeed.
It actually hits a few of my main interests, summoning both:
1) the short story by PKD
2) the short story manga by Suehiro Maruo that takes its inspiration from PKD

recursive hero referencing!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on having great taste

Kouros Falati said...

Just checked the mail, and it arrived. Looks great, and I can't wait to read it (darn college applications and biology!).

Ryan S said...

@kouros: Oh great! You're one of SH's longest-time readers, so I hope you really dig the book :)

Kouros Falati said...

I skimmed through it just now, and really like it so far. I'm a huge Tezuka fan, so the interview with Schodt was fascinating. The comics are great, too (Aaron K's was awesome, and the first kiss ones were hilarious).

Now I can't wait for issue 2. Keep up the good work!