Monday, November 24, 2008


Just a quick mention that a few more shops will be carrying Electric Ant #1 on their shelves:

+ Needles & Pens, 3253 16th st, san francisco, ca 94103 (site)
+ The Beguiling, 601 markham st, toronto, on M6G 2L7 (site)
+ Pony Club Gallery, 625 nw everett st, #105 portland, or 97209 (site)
+ Giant Robot SF, 618 shrader st, san francisco, ca 94117 (site)

These are in addition to:
+ Quimby's, 1854 w. north ave, chicago, il 60622 (site)
+ Giant Robot 1, 2015 sawtelle blvd, los angeles, ca 90025 (site)

(Image courtesy of the talented, sheisept)

Issues are still very available via gCheckout or Paypal on the site. A few folks have also bought copies by sending hidden cash or a money order in the post. GET YOURS NOW!


Anonymous said...

Picking this up at the beguiling sometime this week.

Hopefully it didn't get tossed down there with all the other independent stuff. I mean, it should be properly displayed.

Ryan S said...

Thanks! I appreciate the support.
Chris has been a good supported of Same Hat projects (Tokyo Zombie, now Electric Ant) so I assume it won't be thrown on the floor :)

They are en route to Toronto right now, so definitely shoot for the end of the week (or call first!)


Anonymous said...

I want somewhere in NYC to carry this so I can buy it on my trip there when I am spending money that I don't have :D

Ryan S said...

@anonymous: I wish too :) I'm talking to Desert Island and Rocketship and hopefully they'll want to carry copies too. Tell them you want copies there if you happen to know those stores!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, can't wait to head down to Pony Club and pick up a copy :}

Ryan S said...

@TOMATO: thanks! a handful of copies are en route now, give them a call after thanksgiving and check it out.

NANA said...

That's great news! I mean, you guys shipped out my Electric Ant #1 pretty much the SAME DAY I ordered if I remember correctly, but there's something exciting about being able to just walk into a store and buy it. :)

So when the time for issue #2 rolls around, I'll get to pick it up at the Beguiling, yay.

alexmercado said...

new york>>???

Ryan S said...

@nana: Thanks, dude! I'm glad that yours arrived safely; Generally, I've been able to get orders out within 36 hours :)

@alexmercado: Good point! I've been in touch with both rocketship and desert island, but no traction yet. Any other recommendations for places that carry zines/indie comics?

Anonymous said...

Cool, I can pick it up at Quimby's! I read this right before I left town for Thanksgiving, I've been trying to convince my roommate to pick up an issue this weekend.

Ryan S said...

@Connie: Thanks! Have fun in Chicago-- I was born there, and grew up in the midwest too! I'm sure you are freezing your ass off this holiday :)

alexmercado said...

these are all prime locations
that carry indie/art heavy mags

200 W 40th St # 2
New York, NY 10018
(212) 302-8192

4 W 33rd St, New York - (212) 268-7088

East village nyc
437 e. 9th st.
212 674 grny (number for giant robot, dunno the one for UP)

hope that helps!

Ryan S said...

@alex: Sorry I forgot to comment back! Thanks for the leads :) I have been to Jim Hanley's once.. i think that's where i got my copy of Bete Noire way back when...

I'll call them & Midtown tomorrow and see what's what. I think I can get rocketship lined up soon, i just need to talk to the owner again, maybe.

I'll talk to upper playground here-- I think if GRNY was going to get a copy they'd have bought them already... GR2 and GRSF have copies-- here's hoping EA#1 gets a mention in the next issue!