Friday, November 07, 2008


Whoa, what the HELL!!? I was totally not expecting this news!

From the website of Creation Books, I learned today that they will be reprinting an English edition of the infamous art book, 江戸昭和競作無惨絵英名二十八衆句 (28 Famous Scenes of Murder and Verse)!!

Wow! Many of you probably know that Creation Books is the OG weirdo manga publisher (and way ahead of their time!), having released the only Suehiro Maruo story collection in English, Ultra-Gash Inferno. And many of you probably remember that I posted a while ago about this joint art book by Suehiro Maruo and Kazuichi Hanawa, including a link to check out scans of the original Japanese book.

It sounds like will be releasing this book under their Yubari Books imprint, and it appears to include the Maruo & Hanawa paintings but and not the coupled Muzan-E by master painter Tsukioka Yoshitoshi... But dizang, a hardcover edition of the book! Very exciting...

In 1866, renowned UKIYO-E artists Yoshitoshi and Yoshiiku collaborated on a shocking series of MUZAN-E (atrocity prints), EIMEI NIJUHASSHUUKU – also known as "28 NOTORIOUS MURDERS" or "THE SADISTIC COLLECTION OF BLOOD".

In 1988, modern cult MANGA stars Kazuichi Hanawa and Suehiro Maruo created their own collection of atrocity pictures, SHIN-EIMEI NIJUHASSHUUKU – BLOODY UKIYO-E or THE NEW ATROCITIES IN BLOOD.

These 28 new blood-soaked pictures, featuring not only infamous Japanese murderers such as Sada Abe but also the likes of Fritz Haarmann and Adolf Hitler, take the premise of the original collection and stretch it to the very limits of ultra-violence.

Yubari Books have now announced a special new 20th anniversary edition of THE NEW ATROCITIES IN BLOOD. A limited hardback of 50 copies only, in full colour throughout, and with introduction and notes newly translated into English. Also includes a full mini-gallery of the original EIMEI NIJUHASSHUUKU.

THE NEW ATROCITIES IN BLOOD has never before been published in English; the original Japanese edition is long out-of-print, and used copies fetch prices of $150 and upwards.

ONLY $69.00
(+ $5.00 shipping in USA, $13.00 shipping outside USA)

Two of my favorites from the book:

Are you guys gonna get this book? I think I'll send my order in this weekend :B


Anonymous said...

what a pity the price and that is limited edition!!

if not I AM IN THIS BOOK NOW!huge fan of both artists...

great news to have artbooks of maruo and hanawa collaboration!!

I hope they can release mangas of hanawa or maruo!!

specially doctor inugami or the laughing vampire of mauro that are great books that will blow up minds in the united states...

ps: I dont have ultra gash inferno...I know it is a collection of short stories.It is a difficult to find.I have in spanish los monstruos del color rosa and lunatic lovers,that they are also collection of short stories!


as always keep the good work!!

Brendan said...

Man this is gonna break my bank account with the value of the aussie dollar right now.. Definitely going to get it though if it's not gone before I place an order!

Brendan said...

Screw it.. just ordered it :P. Cost me $40 more than it would have a few months ago :(

Anonymous said...

If I were rich I'd be all over this. Sadly, that international shipping fee is just slightly too much of a kick in the balls. Sad panda :(

Anonymous said...

i've tried to get ahold of a scan of eimei nijuhasshuuku for a couple years!

Ryan S said...

@hige: it's a bit freakin' insane, that is the TRUTH. I've been shipping zines to places like Finland and NZ this last week, and it's freakin' expensive. What part of the world are you in?

Ryan S said...

@anonymous: well, dude-- your wish is my command. Actually i don't know who posted those to megaupload... I'm pretty sure it was Japanese dude related to the site Hugo Strikes Back. It's been up for over a year :B

Brendan said...

Fall of the Aussie dollar.. a few months ago was like: $1 AUD = 96c USD and now down to $1 AUD = 60c USD :(

BTW - I will be ordering Electric Ant as soon as I have a sec to set up google checkout stuff.. it doesn't accept paypal from memory yeah? Either way - I will be ordering soon, promise! :)

Ryan S said...

@brendan: oh bummer man :(
that sucks!

on a happier note-- i just added the option to use Paypal, so either one is fine for me. I really dig gCheckout more than paypal, but I wanted to put both options there to accommodate all folks. Thanks for the support!!

bittermelon said...

whoa, this is really really cool.

Ryan S said...

@bittermelon: whoa, YOU are really cool.
i am waffling cuz i'm cheap, but i think i'll order it tonight

Anonymous said...

So worth it. o_o
I feel honoured to pay.

*sits by the mailbox*

Anonymous said...

Hey, something compltely unrelated to those great works by Maruo and Hanawa:
I'm currently doing (slowly) a scanslation of Tsuge Yoshiharu's Gensenkan Shujin (intimistic surreal masterpiece), on my blog here ( )

in french.

Ok sorry.

But I just thought you guys might be interested, anyway. ;)
Btw, hug Beth Harter if you see her, I was in her class at Yokohama Uni (though I knew your site even before that).


myrto said...

50 copies only? And so expensive...but god, I so want this!

Unrelated but still intresting.

The popular japanese band Dir en Grey used Umezu's manga in their latest PV, as they are devoted fans of his work

Anonymous said...

what a pity the situation that we have in argentina...

1 dolar= 3 pesos con 40 centavos

it is too much!!

JE said...

Ordered it. Hope the package gets to me in one piece, cause that was a whole lot of coin right there.

Ryan S said...

@volker: Nice! Also, thanks again for your first kiss testimonial (which made it into the zine's color spread!)

@oli: Thanks for the link! I'll check it out this week; I had a good conversation with sean (the editor of the Ax anthology) about Tsuge recently...
Oh yeah, Beth and I are now facebook friends-- I hope to hang out with her soon in SF.

@myrto: Oh nifty, I'll check out the link. Dir en Grey is doing a tour of the US right now (strange but true). I'll send you an email soon!

@JE: I just got enough in my paypal account, so i'm gonna order mine too. here's hoping it comes quick and safely.

@azraelit: Well... if you really wanna see the pics, just click on the link to my previous Same Hat post-- there is a link there to a zip file of all the images from the original book in pretty high quality (and additionally, all the Yoshitoshi images from the original muzan-e works)


Gurotaku said...

I don't see much need for a Western release of this particular artbook. Sure, the Japanese edition is out of print and pretty expensive if you want an original instead of the scans but it's not like this new edition will be significantly cheaper! Most importantly, the Japanese edition was already bilingual, with all the texts printed in Japanese and English.

Ryan S said...

@caterpillar: Generally speaking, it's not super high on my wanted list of releases for the reasons you mentioned-- I've looked through the original Japanese book when I was over there in high school (and then more recently, the scans), and this release is likely just a repackaging of the original, bilingual content.

That said, it is very nice about being able to purchase a licensed, hardcover edition of the book-- the prize is high but well worth it for many folks. I'm actually surprised the price isn't higher if that print run is really as small as they mentioned. If the book as object is well made and presented, then this is definitely a nice/niche addition to the small world of stuff out there.

Oh, and also-- If this is the caterpillar, then I want to ask you something over email. Drop me a line when you get a chance at samehatATgmailDOTcom

Anonymous said...

Ugh... that'll cost me $130 AUD. As much as I adored the artbook and would love to be able to read the Japanese text in the drawings (which I suspect is different to the original bilingual notes on the side of each page, correct me if I'm wrong), I'm a struggling uni student and my paypal account already got emptied on Junko Mizuno books.

*kicks sadly at desk* Stupid recession.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very impressed with this new book. The art is of cousre brilliant, but the accompanying texts are cursory at best. It is also a great shame that the words that are part of the artwork remain untranslated.

myrto said...

I just received my copy as well and I fell pretty disappointed. I was expecting something more like an actual artbook, bigger size, better quality etc.
Is it anything like the Japanese edition?

Ryan S said...

Hi Paul & Myrto:

I just heard the same thing from my friend Mickey too.. it sounds REALLY disappointing. ugh :(((

i actually havent ordered a copy yet (and it sounds like i wont now)... sorry you guys :(

i'm gonna write a post for tuesday about how the book is shoddy and not what folks expected. if anyone can send me pictures of the product to better explain what's not good about it, i would appreciate them...
samehat AT gmail DOT com

:( ryan

Brendan said...

Received my copy today too.. really disappointed, especially as I was broke as hell when buying this. Poor student whining aside, the book design is really shit. Not even a title or ANYTHING whatsoever on the spine or back. Really crappy stock, and not even a credit to Maruo or Hanawa to be found outside of the book.

Not sure whether to keep it for the sake of a printed copy of the art, or to try flog it due to the limited ed. of 50, and hopefully someone else will appreciate it.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(: :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((