Thursday, May 28, 2009


Once again, a random email from a Same Hat reader has made my day.

Larry from Philadelphia has sent us photos of his recently completed Shintaro Kago tattoo. This rad tattoo is of a familiar Kago piece, which was used as the cover to Vice Magazine a few months back.

Larry's tattoo was done by Alex Feliciano at 12oz. Studios in Brooklawn, New Jersey. I really love the corporate cubicle vibe in the first picture!

Leave some comments for Larry, and send your tattoo pics my way if you'd like to share with the community! Click here to check out all previous tattoos featured on SH.


That Girl said...

HOLY CRAP that is awesome.
I would usually never want a tat but that one is so well done; looks just like Kago!
How'd they accomplish that?!

Jaclyn said...

Oh god that is good. ♥

Ryan S said...

@That Girl: It's crazy how well transposed it is from the original piece. I am shocked

@Jaclyn :)

larry said...

It took about 17 hours (4 sittings) to complete over the course of 5 months or so.

Alex is a very talented artist and when i first brought him the cover, he wasnt sure how well it would look transposed on my arm. (Believe it or not this is my first tattoo from him and he is the first and only artist i approached for the piece.)

However, it took me a longer time than i had anticipated to get the funds together for us to begin so it gave him alot of time to plan how he would attack something like this.

When we began he managed to add every detail to the outline and was extremely excited to do something so original and out of the ordinary from his regular scope of work.

He was able to keep the original size of the over, which as it turns out was the perfect size of my entire forearm (the tattoo is much bigger than i originally anticipated).

The detail at the top was done very meticulously with a very fine needle (ouch). He was sure to get as close as he could to the original colors from the cover as well as keeping all of the speckles and dots in her fingernails, the eels, etc. I was definately suprised and shocked at how well all of the little colors looked on my arm without blending together.

The background pink burst lines were done with care and planning as well. He was extremely proud in his ability to blend the two sides of the peice together on the side of my arm by tying the pink lines.

In the next week i will go back to him and take some very close detailed pictures (once its fully healed) and send them to ryan. Im glad that you all like it. I LOVE IT!

l'elk! said...

nuuuuuuuuuuuuts! amazing line quality for a tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!! I work in a Tattoo shop and stuff like this is usually traced. Someone brings in the art, they leave, a lackey such as myself sits for a couple of hours and traces every detail onto the paper that will then be applied to the arm, which is either made wet before hand or after the the paper is put on the arm and when the paper is pulled off the image is miraculously there for the artist to work his magic.

I'd be surprised if Alex did this free hand or drew it on himself. But if he did...holy Shit!!!!

Ryan S said...

Good news! I sent a link to this entry to Shintaro Kago himself and he just wrote back approvingly :)

He says,
"Very nice!
-Shintaro Kago"

Larry said...

Ryan -Thats awesome!!!!!

It was a combination of tracing a free hand. With the amount of detail some of it was lost in the translation from the stencil to my arm as well as some of the line work that needed to be modified to fit the space. Like I said I cant wait till its done healing so i can get like professional shots done of it in detail.
I love it so much

ejiki said...

Looks like the original!!

icursetheday said...

i've seriously been thinking about getting this tattooed on me for a while now but i guess i'll have to change haha

Lomami said...

I'm not into tattoo and most of them seem to me like self mutilation. But this! Master artist Kago + Master artist tattooist = your arm as living piece of art! Greetings Larry for having the guts to kagoed yourself!

Larry said...

thanks for all of the kind words!

chipchopper said...

im totally gonna get one too <3 shintaro rules

emwe said...

That is awesome!!
I've been wanting to get a tattoo of Shintaro's original drawing "Doll" and I was wondering if anyone else had a tattoo of his work and found this is the only one! It is so well done though!