Monday, May 11, 2009


As has now become a tradition for me, I brought my Disneyland Autograph Book along with me to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) this past weekend. The book has become my place for collecting autographs and sketches from cartoonists and friends... Previous posts included sketches from MoCCA 2008, along with the batch from SDCC 2008.

I am still uploading photos and working on additional posts for tomorrow, including a round-up of the entire TCAF experience, meeting Yoshihiro Tatsumi, and visiting The Beguiling comic shop. Here is one post from the weekend to start things out!

In addition to the sketch by Tatsumi (which I'll post tomorrow, and is the new highlight of the entire book), check out these pages from rad artists I met at TCAF:

Nate Powell, author of Swallow Me Whole, numerous minis, and all around nice dude.

Jason Shiga, math wizard and author of Bookhunter, Knock Knock, Meanwhile... and other books!

Portrait of me by Derek Kirk Kim, author of Same Difference, co-author of The Eternal Smile, and Electric Ant contributor.

Kate Beaton, webcomics maven extraordinaire and winner of the Doug Wright 2009 award.

Matt Forsythe, nice guy author of Ojinbobo and winner of the Doug Wright 2009 award.

Saicoink, radical Showa-inspired cartoonist of Open Spaces and Closed Place and Electric Ant #2 contributor.

Bryan Lee O'Malley, comics lord of Canada and brains beyond Scott Pilgrim!

Frank Santoro, insightful and righteous cartoonist/critic behind Cold Heat, Storeyville, and Comics Comics Mag (and blog).


Nate said...

oh man that one sketch looks exactly like you!

what is nate powell up to these days. i used to always read his comics in heartattack (if anyone remembers that rag...) and really enjoy them. also enjoy that his name is 2/3rd of mine. kosmik kinship.

Anonymous said...

omg! kate beaton!

i <3 her comics.

Ryan S said...

@nate: dude, Nate Powell is blowing up! his hardcover graphic novel Swallow Me Whole is up for all these Eisner comics awards. His success is not good for your google-ability :)

@anonymous: She was the belle of the ball... sold out of 200 copies of her book in one day :)

bittermelon said...

DKK's portrait of you is so spot on.

Ryan S said...

@bittermelon: colour me offended!