Thursday, May 07, 2009


Just an FYI for folks, I've started up a newly-open twitter account, where I'll be talking about Same Hat, Electric Ant Zine, and other book/comics projects. It's here: @remoteryan.

I had been using Twitter off and on since last March, but with the whole thing on private and just to keep in touch with friends. That worked fine, but I couldn't ever direct message or @whatever people if they weren't following me. Minor Bummer. My new twitter fu has already paid off, as Michael Kupperman and I had a brief back-&-forth yesterday... made my day!

Anyway, if you happen to be on there (and are not a murderer), follow along and say hello!


Anonymous said...

You've been added ^^

Ryan S said...

Awesome! see you on there :)
I'll try to keep it interesting..

Maybe twitter-only SH give-aways or something?

I'll try to minimize talking about what I had for dinner and stuff.

Colin said...

I just ate two tangerines.

Ryan S said...

@Colin: Perfect! That's exactly how it should be :)