Thursday, October 15, 2009


Electric Ant #2: Exquisite Corpses goes on sale tomorrow via the zine site... I'm extremely excited, and hope that you guys like it. I give a special thanks on the Credits page to the Same Hat and EAZB community for all the support, and I really hope you guys enjoy it.

I'll post one last time tomorrow when the book is officially on sale! In the meantime, check out this preview of the issue (via Google Books). You can browse and search up to 20% of Electric Ant #2 right here:

Click here for a full table of contents & contributors. There is also a "PROMOTE" page with code to add a simple banner or preview to your own site/blog. Thanks for bearing with me, lemme know what you think of the preview in the comments!!


Jaclyn said...

I am excited!
I just skimmed through this preview, in order to not spoil it for myself when I buy this issue.. It looks goood. :D

Does this one have more articles than the first volume? I've never read the first volume but the previews and table of content didn't seem like it would have that many articles.

Ryan S said...

@Jaclyn: Thanks for taking a look :) I'm excited for people to check this out!

The first issue was 88 pages, while this one is 136 pages. So yeah, it does definitely have more features and more written content!! Specifically, there two written features in Issue 1 (Interview w/ Fred Schodt, Your First Kiss fiction).

This one has: a Takarazuka article, an interview with Zehra Fazal, Nate's article about Shinjuku Trans Bars, Tom's article about being in a softcore gay horror movie, and Kat's article about dominatrix training.


Okada said...

@ryan: the articles sounds great! I'll definitely order both issues in the next days :)

fort90 said...


Also, thanks for the postcard!