Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Halloween is this weekend, so I have to ask... is anyone thinking about dressing up as anything horror-manga related? If so, I want to provide this still awesome tutorial on horror manga make-up! I've posted it every Halloween since we started :)

I remember in a previous year, reader Jaclyn dressed up as Umezz himself. If you decide to dress up, post a comment here and pic-- I'll send a copy of MY SEAT IF YOUR BEHIND to anyone who happens to share a horror manga-related costume, and a copy of EA2 to the best one if a bunch of folks post stuff.

BTW, The best indie comics costume I've ever seen was someone as Scissor Sniper from Kazimir Strzepek's The Mourning Star. I will try to track down a photograph. Does anyone have any favorites they have seen?


Jaclyn said...

I'm all set to be Zorro this halloween (so excited)
BUT I did follow that tutorial some time ago just for fun. Well, I TRIED to follow the tutorial... I used eyeliner though because its all I had :/

here's a picture :D

was going to use it as an avatar for a forum, but I ended up not really liking how it came out.

also, me as Kazuo Umezu, for those who haven't seen and are interested:

since then, my gwashi hand broke :(

johnny landmine said...

Not horror manga, but I'm going to a Halloween party in Kyoto as Tomodachi from 20th Century Boys.

Ryan S said...

@jaclyn: That's awesome!!! I love that you did the photos

@johnny: dude, FRIEND is a brilliant costume!

johnny landmine said...

@ryan - I tried to find the other mask he wears (as a kid, on New Year's, etc) so I'd have something to change to if I want more than 30% visibility, but I decided that compromise is for pussies.

Also I couldn't find it anywhere.

M said...

I hope this counts! :'D

[Be careful, it's slightly spooky!]

Happy Halloween!

Ryan S said...

@johnny: post pics if you pull it off!

@m: duuuuuude. amazing likeness!

johnny landmine said...

@ryan I only have one pic online yet and it's kind of dopey because I was looking towards a different camera at the time but here it is.

voidmare said...

Don't leave us out!

Dr. Senbei as Nekome Kozo:

Me as Kitaro:

Unknown said...

I joined two friends to go as characters from Litchi Hikari Club!

We look kind of 'special' but it was fun anyway!

Dreed said...
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Dreed said...

This is kind of obscure, but I took this Suehiro Maruo image:
and made this costume:

Too bad I didn't have a female companion to complete the duo, but I think it turned out pretty well regardless.