Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Suehiro Maruo Tattoo!?

This one came in via our email address (, from a reader named Winslow. Dude is a New York City resident, and his tattoo features the radical art used for the cover of Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freakshow. Little did Suehiro Maruo know that this particular comic would end up as the source of so much ink!

His tattoo artist Stina features this one on her site, and Winslow is planning to eventually go for an entire Maruo-themed sleeve design. He's open to any great ideas, so if you have a Maruo image in mind that you think would make a good addition to the Ero-Guro shrine he's assembling on his arm, definietly post it in the comments!

Thanks again to Winslow for sending this along! Are there any more Maruo/horror manga tattoos out there? Might as well send them to us and help grow the collection! Same Hat's new charter: manga news, scanlations and manga tattoos!!


C.M.B. said...

this rules so much.

if i were to get a maruo tattoo, it would have to be of this:

Anonymous said...


Lucia said...

I saw this guy on the subway today and the sleeve is more complete now. Honestly I had to stop and stare because he had some of the most perfect tattoos I've seen