Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tomorrow is an auspicious NEW COMICS DAY

Short post tonight, but let me just say that I'm extremely geeked about New Comics Day tomorrow. Like most of you (I'm guessing), I hit up a local comics shop during my lunch break, each and every Wednesday. Well, the moons of Jupiter and the winds of good fortune have aligned, and give us new volumes of two of the best series being published... on the SAME DAY. Oh, shit-- ENJOY:



...and on the non-manga scene, check out this one:

The Complete Universe of Dupuy & Berberian, 300 pages of new comics in English by the creators of Get a Life and Maybe Later.

Can't wait to dig into all three of these books. Alright, it's time for a cup of decaf and some work emails for me. Here is one last omake to beef up the post, DRAGON HEAD Kubrick set:

Based on the movie adaptation, but pretty sweet nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Wait. Death Note 11 is out? I thought the official release date was in May. Did they move up the schedule or something? Should I be going to my local bookstore RIGHT NOW?

Ryan said...

YES, YOU SHOULD! I just called my local shop, and they didn't get a copy of Dragon Head 6, but they DO HAVE their last copy of Death Note 11 on hold for me.


Anonymous said...

Its about time that Dragon Head volume 6 come out (feels like i've been waiting forver for it to come out now). Its aslo awesome to hear that volume 11 Death Note is out aswell :) (only one more volume and their finished with it). Thanks for keeping us updated about what great manga came out (hopefully you'll say something when volume 5 for The Drifting Classroom comes out aswell, later on :D). Keep up the great work.

Ryan said...


I read Dragon Head 6 this morning. SO CREEPY. I was not disappointed.

Same goes for Death Note 11 (read that on Wednesday) but I'm so anxious for the climaxes of both of these series, that it's hard to just read one mid-series book at a time....

Death Note ends this summer--- Dragon Head still has many many months to go.

PS: Maybe every tuesday I'll start posting a "what I am buying tomorrow" post... just to make sure everyone is on the same page. I know that the Kinokuniya in SF gets viz books about a week early, so I'll post as soon as I get my hands on a book.