Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Many thanks to reader Karen for letting us know that Tokyo Zombie has been reviewed in the November issue of UK anime and manga magazine, Neo!

Karen was rad enough to send a scan of the review, which looks to appear on page 77. Click the image here for the full scan:

The review says (in part):
If you have a thirst for the macabre, love bad taste zombie stories, don't mind smut and can turn a blind eye to Hanakuma's rather unusual illustration style, check out this title, which is on the shelves now.

Also! A zombie site called Zombie Reporting Center has posted their review of the book too. Here's s short preview:
While this is a very silly book, it’s also contains some very heavy underlying comments on the social politics of class warfare. Politics, slap-stick and gore! Perfect! This has definitely become one of my new favorite zombie comic of all time.

Tokyo Zombie was just published this year in English for the first time ever by the awesome people at Last Gasp. I can’t recommend the book enough. Everybody who loves zombies should read this.


Okapi said...

Awesome! I'm pleased to have contributed to Same Hat in some small way.
Karen. :-)

Anonymous said...

This book floored me. Thanks for making sure it got released here in the U.S.!