Tuesday, November 18, 2008


DESIGN FESTA 28 was held at Tokyo Big Sight a few weeks ago, during the weekend of November 8-9. DESIGN FESTA is like the colorful mutant child of Lollapalooza, the MOMA in New York and San Diego Comic Con. Both Same Hat's Man in Japan, Nate, and Tokyo Damage Report's Schultz were in attendance this time.

I'll be posting an event report from Nate (with tons of pics! and goods from Kago!) soon, but until then here is a Shintaro Kago poster picked up by Schultz:

Schultz says, "Kago Shintaro is famous for being the most disturbed manga artist in a country where that title is like a coveted olympic medal."

More detailed information and tons of great pics/scans from Tokyo Damage Report, here and here.


Azraelito said...


shintaro kago perhaps is one of the most underrated manga artist that ever exists!!!

I want that kind of poster in my room!!

saludos from argentina!!!

ps:ja yeap now I have a blog,it is a bit weird...and yeaaaaah I put this kind of site in my favourite links!!!

Ryan S said...

@azraelito: Thanks for the post!
I wish I had the poster too. My friend is actually sending me an autographed print soon, and I'll post a scan of it.

PS: Congrats on the new blog, and thanks for the link! best,

Anonymous said...

good lord. so much awesomeness bound into one exhibition? This is the kind of event I would kill to go. really took a while to swollow all this great art posted in the links. and year, I really want that kago-poster. so sweet. damn, i like this site here.

Ryan S said...

@a tree:
Glad you enjoyed it! I'm already starting to make plans to attend Design Festa 29 in May 2009.

You should spend time going through the archives of Tokyo Damage Report-- it really is one of the best blogs about Japan on the entire web!

bittermelon said...

the colors are vaguely chinese propaganda poster-ish. to add to our dream trip list (currently topped by angouleme), let's make design festa a priority too. btw "sadistic circus" = being in a relationship with me

JE said...

Chicken girl + acrobats + Indian-pantheon-inspired background = crazy delicious.

Ryan S said...

@bittermelon: dude, most definitely. What are you doing this coming May?

you are the ringmaster of a sadistic circus, hey-o

@JE: it's a little tadanori yokoo, a little chinese-y. i like it

jimpac said...
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jimpac said...

Wowza that's one mind blowing poster! Like everyone else I would love one for myself!
What date's are the May 2009 Design Festa? I'm heading out to Tokyo for a friend's wedding and hoping it might tie in.

ps. Being reading your blog for a while now. It's probably my favourite place on the net. Just ordered a copy of Electric Ant too.

Oliver said...

Everytime I see anything by Kago in colour I have to laugh with joy.

Ryan S said...

@jimpac: Thanks for reading and for commenting on Same Hat! i'm flattered to hear it :B

I believe design festa is scheduled for May 16-17 next year!

ps: i haven't seen any new orders this afternoon-- did you send it in via paypal, checkout or mail?

Ryan S said...

@oliver: true story!

jimpac said...

My bad. I actually order electric ant the day before via paypal. Got an email from yourself saying it had been dispatched so all is good.

Good news on Design Festa, fits right into the middle of my holiday... although I think my friends wedding shindig might be on the 16th!?!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Azraelito, Kago deserves much more praise about his work!
wow, this pic would be great on a t-shirt :D

Phantom of Pulp said...