Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm out of town for the weekend, visiting my GF at grad school. No news posts on Same Hat until Monday, but things continue to be hopping at the EAZB. Click to go check out recent posts on the Electric Ant Zine Blog:

+ Revolting and beautiful scans of Spanish horror/exploitation comics via EROTRASH.

+ Monsterous comics and prints by the Sophia Foster-Dimino!

+ Obligatory nerd rage discussion of the Watchmen movie's failings.

+ Recommendations for SUPERJAIL, vintage camera shopping in Tokyo, and the new Morrison/Quietly Batman & Robin comic.

+ The Covered! meme continues, with Michael DeForge tackling Batman, Evan attacking Gene Aubry, and Robert Syrett sending up Bloodpool.

+ Preview pages from our buddy Anthony Wu's upcoming Battlestar Galactica comic for Tokyopop!

+ Surreal weirdo xerox collages by me (preparing stuff for Electric Ant #2).

+ New Animal Collective video animated by zine friend Jon Vermilyea.

+ And much more... (Browse through the previous pages at the bottom!)

If you like what you see over there, please leave a comment and say hello!

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