Sunday, March 22, 2009


Lots of news coming in from the interwebs regarding Kazuo Umezu's wonderful and incredible Makoto-chan House, located west of Tokyo in Kichijoji.

The first and most exciting order of business? Nate (Same Hat's man in Japan) biked over to Kichijoji on Saturday, and visited Umezu's house! The location he noted on the Same Hat Guide to Everything is accurate, and here are his photos to prove it:

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On another note, more stories about the housewarming and interior decorations of Umezz's house are making the rounds. I've gathered together photos from both Takekuma-san's blog and Variety magazine for your please, here:

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Takekuma-san noted on his blog that his traffic spiked after he posted the first of his photos from inside the Makoto-chan house, and posted the above follow up for those new readers (like us!). If more photos make their way out, I'll continue to post and link them from here.

One more huge thanks to Nate for tracking down the house and biking over to document it for us! Dude, I will buy you some luxurious ramen and Japanese whiskey when I'm in Tokyo next time!


Anonymous said...


That´s style!

I'm reading 'School to drift' (?), and I think Umezz deserves a lot mansions more :)

Ryan S said...

@Sengitron: Umezu is a classy guy-- he designed the interiors of his own house.

He used to own a mansion in San Francisco's North Beach area (pretty fancy!) a while back but I heard he sold it.

bittermelon said...

dang, featured in variety too? pretty cool you have a tokyo correspondent

Ryan S said...

@bittermelon: I know, right? There isn't really a good equivalent in America to him.

Also, Nate is so generous to us, you gotta love the guy. You read his Waseda Ramen, right?

It out-Oshinbos Oshinbo.