Friday, March 20, 2009


When it rains, it pours. Shintaro Kago has added another clip to his growing YouTube Channel (now lovingly referred to as KagoTube). This one is a live action gag, titled "携帯電話/Mobile phone". Check it our here, then click through and leave a comment!

All previous videos (and the extensive Kago coverage) can be seen by following the shintaro kago label.

UPDATE: Looks like Kago-san is getting tons of hits to his videos in the last few days... I think I've seen a bunch of you guys over there, whic is awesome! But he's also getting a handful of really racist, bullshit comments on his main page. Go over and show him some love!


Anonymous said...

The "Hole" video got removed due to a TOS violation. :( Does anyone have any details on why it was removed? (I never got to see it.)

Anonymous said...

That's true D: What the hell?

Joseph Luster said...

Man, YouTube comments at their "best." I'll have to throw him some love later, his channel is right up my weirdo alley.