Saturday, March 28, 2009


As has become habit on the weekends, here's a recap of recent posts going on over at the Electric Ant Zine Blog. Thanks to folks that have linked to it or come over and left comments!

+ Screencaps from the indie game collaboration by our buddies (and EA#1 contributors) Derek Yu, Hellen Jo, and Calvin Wong. [link]

+ A lovely animated short film by wunderkind Elio, featuring the MIDI stylings by Michael DeForge! [link]

+ Admiral Adama portraits by Anthony Wu (and details about his upcoming Battlestar Galactica manga from TokyoPop)! [link]

+ Recommendations for the animated films of Koji Yamamura, new Comix Claptop podcast w/ Hellen & Calvin, and a gallery show featuring works by Saicoink in April. [link] [link] [link]

+ A gallery of incredible posters/fliers and works by Adachi Kokajyou, my new favorite design crew. You probably may already know them from their work for Guruguru Eigakan; now I'm on a mission to track down everything Adachi has done. [link]

+ More retardo collage postcards by me - I think I'm gonna make a cheap xerox zine of them for APE 2009. Want to become pen pals? [link]

+ A gallery of paintings of presidential intimacy by zine contributor and our friend Justine Lai, who got insanely internet famous this week with posts on her work at Boing Boing, Jezebel, Drawn, Journalista, and Gawker. Site traffic went up about 10x for a few days from all the publicity! [link]

+ Electric Ant #2 feature work has begun! Spurred on by fan art 4-koma manga by Root, I've sent invites to a number of contributors. In addition to the usual gang, tentative new folks on board are getting me super excited (Dash Shaw! Jon Verymilyea! Shawn Cheng! Aeron Alfrey!). The issue will be released in time for the Small Press Expo in September.

+ And more stuff being posted all the time... (Drop by, say hi, and browse through the previous pages at the bottom)


jimpac said...

I'd like to get one of those collage zines of you if you do make some up. Sure I could swap you a poetry booklet or some other nonsense for it if you're up for it?

jimpac said...

that should say- off you not of you.

tomorrowboy 2.9 said...

I totally want to be postcard pen pals. I need to move house though. SO next week.

Ryan S said...

@jimpac: sounds good, dude! i gotta pile up enough crap to make a booklet-- probably at the end of the summer?

@tomorrowboy2.5: fresh. send me an email next week!

Okada said...

Haven't left any comment there yet, but be sure I'm always visiting EAZB!

Ryan S said...

@Okada: Awesome! thanks and glad to hear it. It's a different kind of outlet than Same Hat (and most of the time I'm learning about cool stuff from other people instead of posting myself)... Hope it's fun to read for you too :)

K said...

i love your postcard. i am working on some screenprinted/monotyped postcards right now to send out to other artists in exchange for a postcard that they made. want to trade?

Ryan S said...

@K: sounds fun! shoot me your address when you're ready, samehat [at] gmail [doot] com