Thursday, May 07, 2009


Another short update. Since I won't be making it to Comic-Con or MoCCA this year, I decided to take a few days off and splurge on a trip to Toronto to attend the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF).

TCAF is a con like SPX or APE, spanning all-day Saturday and Sunday. It presents a new (and Canadian) opportunity to check out minicomics/zines, hang out with friends/Electric Ant contributors, and attend a few manga panels.

But... the main, MAIN reason I came was to have a chance to meet Yoshihiro Tatsumi! In celebration of A DRIFTING LIFE, Drawn & Quarterly flew Tatsumi out for events in New York and then for TCAF. Friday night, D&Q and The Beguiling are hosting an in-conversation event with Adrian Tomine and Tatsumi... I can't freakin' wait. Evan got to meet Tatsumi at SDCC back in 2006, but this will be my big chance!

I'm staying at a hotel nearby the Toronto Library, and flying home on Sunday night. Reports and pictures to follow once I get back!

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Unknown said...

That's an awesome oppurtunity to be able to meet Tatsumi. I just bought Drifting Life, it's quite good.