Monday, May 11, 2009

Just got back from Canada...

...about 30 minutes ago. Three long-ass posts rounding up TCAF are coming tomorrow (with lots of pics and videos)!! Until then, here's a quick photo to tide you guys over:


Nate said...

i came

Jaclyn said...

Hey I was wondering if you've seen the Tokyo Zombie movie and what you thought of it. I rented it from an indie video store and saw it last night. It has alot of funny moments, there were parts where my friends and I were dying oflaughter. Though it did not stay entirely true to the manga, I thought it was a pretty good adaptation.

And Kazou Umezu makes a cameo appearance! I was so incredibly happy to see him. He's awesome. I think its worth to watch for any fans of the manga.

Ryan S said...

@Nate: You shoulda been there

@Jaclyn: Good call, I don't know why I never posted about it. I saw the movie a while back on a Hong Kong DVD... I didn't love it (probably because I got so close to the original manga) but it definitely had some awesome moments.

Kazuo Umezu as the tv zombie expert was definitely the highlight for me!

I will post an FYI about it... good call :)