Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here's a bit of exciting news for the Same Hat community. Leigh at Top Shelf passed on the news that they have posted the Yoshihiro Tatsumi story from their upcoming Ax Anthology in its entirety on Top Shelf 2.0.

Deatils on this short story from their site:
His story "Love's Bride" (愛の花嫁) appeared in issue #34 (30 Aug 2003) of the Japanese Ax anthology, and will be included in Top Shelf's upcoming Ax collection.

CLICK HERE to check out "Love's Bride"


John Jakala said...

That's the entire story? I'd assumed it was a 22-page preview. You mean I have to imagine the hot, hot man-on-monkey sex and it's not going to be graphically depicted in the final anthology? Bummer!!

Ryan S said...

Hrmm. I'm not sure actually :)

According to the AX info Sean gave us at the Ax Research Project post, it was only 22pg total:

Leigh Walton said...

John, no man-on-monkey sex scene could possibly live up to the one you've imagined.

Travis McGee said...

Hmmm, to be honest, what I'm really interested in seeing from Tatsumi in English now are some of his longer form works... I know in a few of the interviews he's had he has mentioned a 1000 odd page series (something to do with gangsters or thieves or something of that nature ... ) he's done.

Actually, speaking of Tatsumi - did anyone read the piece in one of the Candian papers were he admitted that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and had skipped a hospital admission date to attend TCAF? Obviously he is fairly old and (presumably) lived a fufilling life and so forth, but it is a little saddening to think it has struck him just as he finally recieves the gratification of worldwide critical attention...

Ryan S said...

@Leigh: Thanks for stopping by :)

@Travis: If you want long form, it doesn't really get much longer than A Drifting Life... But yeah, I'm curious about some of these other ones too... the more genre-y long series, etc. I would love to see someone with the chops pull off a elaborate and complete bibliography of his works.

And yeah, I saw that article as well. It made its way around twitter earlier this week or late last week :( I don't think anyone wants to post just about that, but it is quite sad and depressing to hear. In that same article, he was talking about 1-2 new and ambitious projects too :) Dude can't be stopped.

I have the feeling that D&Q must know about his illness and it wasn't a COMPLETE surprise, but there was no mention of it during TCAF with all the Tatsumi-mania going on.

Here's to many more years of productivity and even more rewards for his lifetime of work