Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hot off the iMovie presses! Our patron saint Shintaro Kago has added two additional animated shorts to his YouTube channel. It's fair to say they have been a mixed bag to date, and these are no different-- I'll let you guys fight it out in the comments! For the previous three videos, check here.

マーメイド / Mermaid

アリクイ舌の襲撃 / Attack of the anteater's tongue

UPDATE: Also added the new Kago stuff from VICE that I forgot to post originally. But are a little underwhelming visually, but I liked how the first illustration suited the article.

+ Spot illustration for an interesting article on Manga Kissa homelessness.

+ This month's KAGOMANIACS:


Anonymous said...

I'm conflicted... but at least these ones didn't have final fantasy music I guess

Somebody give this man a real animation team, and delete his copy of flash already!

jimpac said...

Personally, I quite like the cheap-feel of Kago's animations as it adds to the irrelevance of the pieces and makes the gags even funnier. Taken completely on their own I find they provide quick laughs although, I admit, if this was the sole output of Kago then he wouldn't be (or deserve to be)as revered as he is.
Obviously, Kago's strength lies in manga but I view these animations as a sort of guilty pleasure. Sure, they won't win awards but they make me chuckle and are a quick, easy, and cheap way for Kago to roll out gags.
I would like to see some of Kago's work animated with high production values but, if anything, that would lessen the effect of these particular shorts rather than make them better.

Ryan S said...

@anonymous1: Haters wanna hate.

@anonymous2: I agree, some of these are just not working (the anteater one, the golfing one) but I dig the Olympics and Mermaid ones.

@jimpac: I agree with a lot of what you said; I dig them more specifically because I know he is not an animator (or has those resources at his disposal) but is making this for fun on top of his normal (prolific) comics output. He sells the DVDs of his films on a DVR (with packaging) for like 9 bucks, so you know he's doing it because he thinks it's fun.

That said, these did pique my curiosity as to what it'd be like for him to be the art director on a Satoshi Kon film or something. Like, proper cell animation of his art... Would be amazing.

Evan said...

I dunno, I sort of like how crude the animation is in Kago's' clips. It's vaguely Monty Python-esque.