Monday, May 11, 2009


If you missed it, I posted some exciting news last week: Shintaro Kago will be appearing in the next issue of the German comics anthology, ORANG. This will be his first European publication (outside of his guest strips in Vice Magazine) Update: "The first European publication was an Italian monograph published by D/visual in december 2006", says Anonymous in the comments.

I've received an update from Christian at Reprodukt, who has passed along the first page of the comic for us to preview! For ORANG 8, Shintaro Kago has contributed a brand-new 4-page wordless comic called "Rubik's Cube".

Click here to check out the first page:

ORANG is edited/curated by Sascha Hommer, and issue 8 debuts this July. As usual, it looks to feature a number of unique and radical contemporary cartoonists from all over. I'll post details on ordering the book when it comes out this summer!

Thanks for the advance preview, Christian!!


odber said...

The first page look pretty normal. We'll see just how nsfw it gets. Can't wait to get to order this

Ryan S said...

@odber: Haha, we'll see.

I don't really need my Kago to always be NSFW, but I bet there will be at least a little gore if I get where the concept is going.

Azraelito said...

Sometimes I dont have words for an incredible talent author like him!!

Apart from this, I think Kago sometimes show you how great and bizarrre he is and it makes you feel that you also can write something as strange as what he does!

What I really want is that in spain or us they license this kind of authors please!!

In argentina, no chance in hell!!there are only 2 publishers and they publish the worst shit that you can imagine!!

ok as always saludos from argentina

keep up the good work!!

and saludos also to evan!!


Okada said...

man.. i can even imagine the dude with a Rubik's Cube with a picture of a woman and well...the preview indicates what would happen to her :P

@Azraelito: Same thing here in Brazil. I have no hope that Kago's works will be publised here, althought we have some Hideshi Hino and Junji Ito published.

myrto said...

For me the brilliance of Kago's work is not limited to the nsfw or the gore but is the way that he deconstructs and reconstructs the whole comics medium. "Abstraction" is one of my favorites, and I'm so looking forward to discovering what the deal with Rubik’s cube is going to be!

Ryan S said...

@myrto: I'm there with you. The ones we've featured here are my favorites of Kago's work... I guess Drunkard Condo Syndrome is a good mix between formalism and his other gifts :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Kago's first European pubblication was an italian monographic volume published by d/visual in december 2006

Ryan S said...

@anonymous: Good point! I just received the same news from a little birdie over email.
Updating the post accordingly!

Anonymous said...

i really like where this could be going... :)