Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Short news from Kazuo Umezu's site. On his blog, Umezz has released the covers for the deluxe UMEZZ PERFECTION editions of his fantastic series, 『洗礼』 (Senrei aka BAPTISM). There color covers are absolutely beautiful:

Volume 1: Available 12/26/2008

Volume 2: Available 1/30/2009

The third volume of the set will be released in February. But when do English readers get this book published for them? (PSST, VIZ: I WOULD WANT TO WORK ON THIS BOOK, JUST GIVE ME A CALL!)


Anonymous said...

I was never that impressed with baptism. I never actually got down to reading the entire thing, but it seemed kind of boring. Especially sitting next to drifting classroom and right hand of god, left hand of the devil. But yeah, if Viz ever publishes it I will buy it.

Azraelito said...

ryan the link of umezz is wrong is the samehat blogspot that redirects you!!check that out!!

apart from this..

incredible covers!I like the details in the dress and the faces!!

is it baptism of blood as gore as Left Hand of God or Right Hand of the Devil??

It would be cool to see you editing this kind of things.Perhaps because you are a huge fan of Umezu and you can really write some bios or articles about him to introduce to more people how he is such a wonderful monster god of manga in the US, but really I would prefer first the four volumes that Viz didnt publish of Orochi!
A great book that has only one volume that is Orochi Blood.After finishing reading there is an extra data where they told you that there are more books about this series and it is so unfair for a book like this no to have them.
Perhaps now that Umezu has a certain popularity or amount of books in the Us, is the time to publish another time Orochi like it deserves!!

saludos as always from argentina!!
as always keep the good workd
and as always my english sucks :D

Azraelito said...

"he is such a wonderful monster god of manga in the US"

In japan that was what I wanted to tell!

Ryan S said...

@rizzah: Huh, interesting. It's actually one of my favorite Umezu series... well, I don't prefer it to Drifting Classroom, 14 and Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil, but I do think it super excellent... I like it more than Cat Eyed Boy, Scary Book or some of his early, early stuff.

It's definitely not that gory, but I found it alternating between hilarious and OHMYGODDIDHEJUSTIMPLYTHAT. I love the mom-in-little girl's voice and evil thought process. I read the whole series last book... I think it does have a few lulls here and there, but the first book picks up in the last third and is really wild. Like, for example, somthering the teacher's wife's face and burning her between the legs with an iron so he wouldn't love her anymore? And the mother-on-daughter angst and umbrage throughout :B

@Azraelito: Good point! I just fixed the link. thanks again for the comments. No way, Baptism isn't at all as gory as LHOG,RHOTD. Not even close.

It's true, I think Viz sorta bungled that early release of their installment of the Orochi books.. I mean, the book itself is interesting but they didn't make it clear that it was just one in a series (and not even the first book). It would be nice if they eventually release that whole series. I did hear that another Umezu book is planned, but I'm not sure if it is still happening (and promised not to mention it until it became more certain). We'll see!

Anonymous said...

"Baptism" is a horrible case of deux ex machina. And this is a pity, as the concept is fascinating: evil in the guise of an innocent girl, and the unspeakably cruel things women do to each other.

myrto said...


Umezz gets to keep his house red and white while wearing a suit *gasp* ;)