Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well I mean, aside from this one...

I just wanted to give another shout-out to the new Electric Ant Zine Blog (EAZB). I started it a few weeks ago as I began work on issue 2 of the zine. EAZB is a group blog on the Electric Ant site, with all the zine contributors from issue 1 (and folks signed on for issue 2) as posters.

So far, it's exploding with a wild swatch of posts, including:
  • Cartoonists Calvin Wong, Mickey Zacchilli, Michael DeForge, Evan Hayden, Elio, and others offering their own takes on the COVERED meme [link]

  • The AX ANTHOLOGY research project, started by Rob Syrett, where we're digging up links on the artists featured in the upcoming book from Top Shelf [link]

  • Pre-war Vietnamese new year's jams encoded off old tapes and reel-to-reels [link]

  • Electric Ant friends with cartoons and art featured in Vice Magazine [link]

  • What's Your Take On... posts where we feature artists we like and dissect their shit [link]

  • New music by SHUNGA and other musicians [link]

  • Updates from me about stores carrying Issue 1, zine sitings, and features in the second issue! [link]

I encourage folks to come over and check it out! (You can also click this: for RSS!)


Azraelito said...

thx for the info!I checked the site of ax!It is very cool to have a bit of info about every artist in that book!!

ryan did you read something of akino kondoh??

my question is!!

does he have some storytelling? or the only thing he does are splash pages with text with a bit of sense to make a whole story?

The pics I saw are nice but I really wonder how are his comics!!

apart from that as always keep the good work!!

and please and article of kaze shinobu or Miyaya Kazuhiko, I read the book of manga zombie and somethings that you put in this blog and I really wanna know more :D

saludos from argentina!!

and also saludos to evan who also exists but I always forgot :D

Ryan S said...

Thanks for the comment, dude!
There is definitely more to say about even the folks we already mentioned, so if anyone wants to comment and add links it is very encouraged!

So yes... actually, Akino Kondoh is a woman (and a very cute one, at that!). Here is an interview with her:

She does do manga, but she is really more famous for her visual style. Kinda like how Junko Mizuno does actual manga but is also equally famous as an illustrator / character designer / painter. I actually like Kondoh's stuff more than Mizuno.

Will reference Manga Zombie a bit more in the next batch of links on that research project. Thanks again and saludos from san francisco, as always :)

PS: Did you see evan's new illustrated photograph? It is horrifying and amazing :)

Evan said...

Hi Azraelito! I do exist, but behind the scenes... like a ninja.

Anonymous said...

seriously, guys.


SO GOOD...!!!!!


Ryan S said...

@Kim: aw shucks, thanks! Come over and leave comments :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff here, Thanks!
Love the animation...

Ryan S said...

@sengitron: Thanks for checking out the EAZB. Please subscribe to the RSS and leave some comments over there!

Gargantuan Media said...

You forgot to mention that Michela Colette was the artist who re-drew the Spidey vs. Venom image.

Ryan S said...

@Gargantuan: You're right-- I didn't namecheck each individual image in this post. But yes, that pic is done by my buddy Mickey, good point! I did say in the first bullet:

"Cartoonists Calvin Wong, Mickey Zacchilli, Michael DeForge, Evan Hayden, Elio, and others offering their own takes on the COVERED meme"

She did a few others on the EAZB that are also amazing.