Friday, January 09, 2009


An update to the Daily Manga section of Shintago Kago's website came faster than I expected. Here is the new batch of seven, with my quick English translations (and a Umezu allusion)! This week's revolve around the Kannon (sometimes called Kwannon), the popular Japanese incarnation of the thousand-armed bodhisattva of mercy.

SUNDAY - Kannon of Gwashi

MONDAY - Kannon of Wanking

TUESDAY - The foetal movements of Kannon

WEDNESDAY - Kannon's deformed child

THURSDAY - Kannon forced to work at a soapland

FRIDAY - Kannon Voodoo Doll

SATURDAY - Kannon paying off her yazuka debt


Anonymous said...

you spelled bodhisattva wrong, doggle.

Anonymous said...

lol loved all them :D

Ryan S said...

@haha, nice.
dude wtf-- my spell check changed it to bhoddisattva? FIXED

@Okada: glad to share the wealth. I like these because they're fast to post and don't require any scanlation or copyright ambiguities

Anonymous said...

great stuff. I lol'ed a lot. thank you very much!

Ryan S said...

@a tree: they are rad. I'll keep putting them up as he posts them :)

Anonymous said...

wow i can't believe how hilarious they all were. i dont think i've ever laughed that hard at that many one-panel comics...