Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It appears that today in Tokyo, the lawsuit against Uncle Umezz filed by his cranky Kichijoji neighbors was settled in Umezu's favor. According to the report on Mainichi Shinbun, Tokyo courts rejected the lawsuit complaining that Umezu's radical red-and-white striped house was ruining the neighborhood.

Umezu wore a suit with a red-and-white tie, and looked impish and happy after the courthouse:

For everyone who forgot, here is some footage of the Makoto-chan house:

Now, I just want someone to note the location of the house on the SAME HAT GUIDE TO EVERYTHING so I can make a pilgrimage to it next time I'm in Tokyo.

(Thanks to Costas & Myrto for the news tip!)

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alexmercado said...

hey good for him, there's an abandoned house tht has the same color scheme of Umezz's digs and i can't help but think of your crazy old uncle!