Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A quick plug for the current sale going on at PictureBox right now, which has been extended until 2/8/09. If you didn't already know, PictureBox publishes a fair share of rad manga.

Details about the sale on their blog. A few highlights for Same Hat readers:
Each book is a stimulus package for the soul! Plus every purchase from now until February 8 will include a FREE copy of Paper Rad's DVD Problem Solvers. So, here we go:

* Curious about the book of which the New York Times exclaimed: "Few cartoonists of the moment are weirder or more original than Yuichi Yokoyama - his work obsessively diagrams architecture and design ... Travel is remarkably entertaining." Travel can now be yours for just $9.95!

* Want to dip into a graphic novel on nearly ever top ten of '08 list? Interested in Dune? Philip K. Dick? What about masterful drawing? Well, my friend, check out C.F.'s Powr Mastrs 2, now just $10!

* And then there's Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby! The Village Voice crows: "By depicting human behavior at its worst, Nemoto recalibrates the limits of what we can bear to consider on a page of comics." Damn straight. Yours for $8.95!

* Many consider Lauren Weinstein's The Goddess of War a shortform masterpiece of graphic storytelling. I sure do! Richard Gehr calls it a "A blend of Marvel's Thor comic, a Wagnerian space opera, and Anthony Mann's Westerns" Sounds right to me! Yours for just $7.95!

The sale also extends to rad prints by SH friend Jon Vermilyea. ONE NOTE: The shipping can be hella pricy (but fast), so you'll still be spending a bit here. But this seems to be the best way to get TRAVEL and MONSTER MEN direct.

Go here to check out their catalogue; The sale prices are already reflected and noted on each book's page.


Joseph Luster said...

Damn you, this post just made me order both Monster Men and Travel. Nice prices!

Anonymous said...

damn, I just got monster men deliverd today, but for 16 euros. nevertheless, it'S the greatest manga I own. it represents the essence why I love japan. everyone should read it!!!!!imhigh

jimpac said...

Hey, I'd just like to point out to any UK readers (and, most likely, all non-USA readers) that probably there best place to get Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby or other Picturebox books (unless you can find a comic shop stocking them) is Amazon as Picturebox are complete rip-off bastards when it comes to international shipping.
Even at Sale price it comes to £23.08! price is £12.50. I'm all for supporting small companies but it's sickening how much Picturebox are willing to stiff international customers. I'd like to see how they can justify charging over £16 (!!!) for p&p.
Sorry for ranting. Obviously, it's nothing to do with you! It just completely depresses me that companies are willing to rip off and therefore alienate prospective customers in such a fashion.
The worst part is that it means a lot of Picturebox's smaller items (ie. those items that cannot be purchased via corporate giants like Amazon) become totally inaccessible to overseas customers.
Sorry, to rant (and for the use of bad language- although justified in my eyes!) but this sort of thing just completely depresses me. :(

adam said...

Monster men and Travel is worth every penny at $10 each.

I just ordered the 2 volume Gary Panter book. I think $30 + $14 shipping is still an amazing deal. I hope it doesn't disappoint,

Dan Nadel said...

Hi ,

Due to bad experiences with cheap shipping methods overseas, we now charge precisely what USPS International Priority charges -- every other method seems to result in a lot of lost orders, which is real trouble. I am sorry it's so expensive, but there's little I can do about it -- PictureBox is in NO WAY profiting from shipping charges. We just need to charge what we ourselves are charged in order to get it to customers on time and safely (barring the occasional human error).

jimpac said...

@ Dan, if you are reading this, Firstly I would like to apologise for my comments. I realise I may have been somewhat brutal in my original comment.
I would like to say that my comments were born out of frustration, due to the fact that your company stocks/publishes a wide array of quality products but, as an international customer, they are all out of my price range due to the shipping costs.
I also, now, appreciate that you are basically in a lose/lose situation due to the fact that you have to charge these prices in order to ensure the products safe delivery or risk bad press due to items never arriving. Many thanks for clearing that up.
All the best,