Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For the last two years, I've been posting news and updates here about the zine I created with Evan and friends, Electric Ant. The overlap in interests with Same Hat is pretty apparent, and you guys have been the majority of buyers for the zine (and for that, I thank you)! That said, the Electric Ant site was feeling a bit sparse with news. To remedy this, I've just launched a blog over there!


Now, I'll still be cross-posting news about the zine here... and work on issue 2 is just about to get seriously underway. But it seemed like the zine deserved it's own blog for updates and news. I decided to go one step further and created a group blog for all of the zine contributors to shoot the shit and post news about their projects. The site is run using a cool/weird blogging platform called, Posterous, which lets contributors post via email.

So far, there's been posts of a Michaela Zacchilli tattoo, a Michael DeForge & Aaron K team-up, some videos from Dan in Japan, and lots of zine news. While not strictly related to indie manga, scanlations, and Japan (like Same Hat is!) I think it'll be an interesting read for you guys. I've added the zine blog to the sidebar here, and encourage you to check it out-- and leave comments too! I hope it'll be a cool place for an entire "community" of artists and nerds to congregate.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back to our regularly scheduled manga programming tomorrow!

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