Sunday, January 04, 2009


I got an exciting piece of news this week when I cracked open my copy of Giant Robot #57 and saw a capsule review of Electric Ant #1...

Thanks to Eric Nakamura for writing us up! As mentioned before, he was nice enough to contribute a list of ten tidbits of zine wisdom (which grace the inside back cover).

Then a few pages later in the issue, I saw that Tokyo Zombie was mentioned in the holiday gift guide from Giant Robot store staff!

I've already talked about the zine enough on Same Hat, but the Giant Robot nod means more to me than anything else. I started reading GR as a high school sophomore, and it was my first real encounter with zines of any kind. Eric & Martin's self-published love letter to all things cool is what encouraged me to try my hand at it. I've been reading the magazine on and off for over 10 years now, and the most recent issues are once again in rare and awesome form.

14-year old Ryan would have never guessed I'd get something of mine mentioned in Giant Robot... fuck yeah!

PS: This pic snapped by Evan on his road trip... Electric Ant #1 on the shelves at Quimby's in Chicago!


K said...

whats a QR code? and whats a contest?

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K said...

jesus. where have i been? i need to get the internet. i don't even understand what sorcery was used to make the reply to my post.

Ryan S said...

Here is some information that will illuminate things:

ps: thanks for commenting-- always glad to hear from folks!