Monday, January 05, 2009


Just a few days into 2009, and there's a huge mass of Shintaro Kago news to report. These details regarding new goods, books, and appearances are gleaned from his site, the Taco Che blog, and from friends in Japan.

+ New years 2009 greetings from his site!
Here is Kago's first post of 2009, with a sketch celebrating the year of the Ox:

+ Manga release and signing event at Taco Che!
To celebrate the release of his newest manga collection, Shintaro Kago will be appearing at Taco Che and signing copies. The event will take place on February 1, 2009 from 3:00 - 4:00pm, and Kago will also be selling copies of his DVDs, prints and toys.

Kago's first new book in 10 months is called, おばあちゃんが死体くさいよ (Grandma's Stinking Corpse) and goes on sale 1/20/09 for 1260 yen. According to his site, the book includes 26 full-color pages... awesome! I am hoping that either Nate or Schultz will be on hand to document the event and send some pics.

Full event details (and directions to Taco Che) are online here. If you're a SH reader and go to the event, it'd be cool to mention this site and his large (and growing) squad of English-speaking fans!

+ New and disgusting Kago toys! In his latest post, Kago shows off three additional toys that he's created. Too bad these weren't available in time to be stocking stuffers?

For pics of other Kago toys, see Nate's earlier gallery show report or this section of Kago's site.

+ Kago once again posting daily drawings! For a while last year (or was it 2007?) Kago was posting daily sketches and gag comics on his site. Just last month, he has started up again. I might try to do a weekly recap, but here is the current batch. On this page, Kago basically updates the seven links on a rolling basis, so it's good to bookmark the link. You can find his previous sketches by trolling backwards through the numeric links. Here are the current 7 drawings:
SUNDAY - Robotic Artificial Leg

MONDAY - Anus Buffet

TUESDAY - Doraemon's Suicide ("To Hell!")

WEDNESDAY - Ishizuka Hidehiko's Suicide (Overweight comedian & variety show regular)

THURSDAY - Life Note ("When a name is written, their corpse is resurrected !")

FRIDAY - Pimple Comb-over

SATURDAY - The Tatchi Method of Killing


+ Cover to Shintaro Kago DVD compilation
Finally, here is the cover to Shintaro Kago's DVD collection of experimental short films. I received this image from my new friend Bharath, of NUMBER21PIX fame.

(Click above to download a huge, 3.5MB scan from megaupload)


Joseph Luster said...

Ah, nothing quite like an Anus Buffet to kick the year off.

Anonymous said...

i like your works
COOL...........L !!!!

Sick said...

What the...? A DVD with Shintaro Kago's short films? I want it, do you know its name or any place where I can download it?

Ryan S said...

@Joseph: I agree :)

@PUCK: thanks

@Sick: Oh yeah, there are two DVDs, both are only 10 bucks (1000 yen). Details are here:

DVD 駅前花嫁 DVD The bride in front of a station
The bride in front of a station(DVD-R,3 films , 33 minutes , NTSC)
Language : Japanese
Price : 1000JPY

Anonymous said...

it would be really sweet if you could update those daily cartoons with translations of the titels and stuff....I knew they exsisted but me can't speak jappish. and year, anbody who can get a hold of tone of those dvds should upload them. cheers, good post btw.

Ryan S said...

@anonymous: Thanks glad you dig it.
I will keep an eye out for updates to the kago site and post more when he puts them up. he's not updating DAILY despite what he said. I did include the title translations (and text) except for the Tatchi Method of Killing due to I am lazy.

I think I have a copy of the Kago dvd coming in the mail. I won't be the one to rip it, but maybe i can put a short clip on youtube.

tomorrowboy 2.9 said...

oh man, life note? I want that comic

alexmercado said...

h man i was eating breakfast when i saw monday ;-(

kago ironically if said to a hispanic
like me is similar to the wording
of "to have shat!"

Shiraume said...

A Kago's DVD Collection?!
Oh my... LOL!! *.*